Kiara Vigolo

Office Administration Assistant

Who is Kiara?

Kiara has five years' experience in retail and one year in a call centre environment. Through her passion for customer-focused tasks and socialising, Kiara is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer skills through her drive, humor and dedication. She also has taken on a few management tasks from running a high-level retail company, to assisting with many HR favours.

What is Kiara passionate about in her work?

As a proud Tasmanian, Kiara is passionate about assisting The Project Lab to grow, improve and transform its way into the heart of not only our customers, but also to our dedicated team.

What is Kiara passionate about outside of her work?

Kiara dedicates most of her time outside of work on fitness, training to become stronger and more agile. If Kiara is not busy at the gym, you will catch her socialising with friends, dancing at music festivals and trekking along any bush tracks she can find.

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