Sonia Green

Principal Consultant

Sonia is an accomplished and motivated change agent with 20 years’ experience in implementing and optimising business systems and processes, leveraging technology and human resources to drive business efficiency and innovation. Born and raised in Tasmania, Sonia has travelled the world with her career, working for major companies in the UK, US, Europe and Australia, before returning home to Tasmania in 2012.

Sonia is a certified project manager and accredited ADVANCED DISC® consultant, delivering positive outcomes and experiences for clients through her skills in project management, change management, behaviour profiling, business analysis and IT roadmaps.  She is a strategic thinker and planner with the ability to manage the delivery of multiple complex initiatives, while navigating stakeholder relationships.

Place on the team

Sonia has always enjoyed solving problems and this has been foundational to her work right from being a teenager working in retail where she used her analytical instincts to increase product sales through observing patterns and applying clever sales techniques. Fast forward to today and Sonia is still helping companies to improve processes and implement solutions, utilising analytics and technology.

Leading a team of consultants, Sonia enjoys investing in the next generation of business consultants and sharing her insights gained from a global career working in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, consumer goods, energy, and utilities.  Her top advice to colleagues and clients, is to stay curious, always asking why, so you can get to the essence of a problem quickly and channel all your energy on reaching a desired goal.

Make it Matter

Coming back to Tasmania, Sonia is excited to be working with organisations and businesses that are helping to make her home state the most liveable island in the world. Aligned with The Project Lab’s zeal for solving problems, Sonia is taking everything she has learned from her work overseas to help companies understand what will help them achieve their goals and become leaders in their sector.

Whilst London, New York and Sydney fed her appetite for being exposed to a huge spectrum of business and commerce, as well as broadening her worldview, it’s the simplicity and beauty of Tasmanian life that inspires Sonia to give her best to the place where her story began.

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