Saffron Jensen

Graphic Design Lead

Who is Saffron?

Saffron is an experienced Graphic Designer with a wealth of real industry experience. Her extensive career as a creative professional makes her a skilled resource for any type of project which requires logical creative strategy through visual communication. With a drive to create meaningful work, she will go the extra mile to fully understand a brief from a holistic view so that she can interpret what complex problems need to be solved through the output of functional, simple and beautiful design. 

What is Saffron passionate about in her work?

I believe that being creative is an innate human expression which we possess. I love untangling complex, wordy information through clever design into something which is easy to digest and a pleasure to experience!

What is Saffron passionate about outside of work?

You'll find me (way too) deeply engrossed in theatrical playtime with my daughter, planning our next van life adventure in the great outdoors and stealing flowers from strangers gardens!

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