About The Project Lab

The Project Lab started out in 2013 bringing independent change makers and project professionals together to make work less lonely, to support each other during hard yet rewarding times, and ultimately to make our impact on the world far greater than we could as individuals.

But change can be hard, so let’s make it matter.

We believe we can impact positive change in Tasmania through the projects and outcomes we deliver, such as upgrading major health facilities, streamlining education services, and taking opportunities to help those in need, such as our work in assisting a not for profit with ways to better utilise their volunteering workforce.

But it is more than just doing great work. That should be the minimum we expect of anyone right?

Our work centres on providing organisations with advisory and management consulting, helping organisations and people link their strategic goals right through to actionable projects and work on the ground. And this work spreads far and wide, across healthcare, education, transport, construction, social services and financial sectors.  

Our services are tailored and contemporary, spanning areas such as strategic advice, operations and finance management, business improvement, project management, analysis and organisational change management. In essence, we help build, grow and change organisations, ensuring our clients remain competitive, can solve their most complex problems, and can change as the world changes around them.

We believe in a world where every single one of us can be passionate about and excel at the work we do. We believe that organisations, communities and individuals can work together to bring about positive, impactful and lasting change, on a planet that is so desperately calling out for it.

But what makes us different?

It comes down to how we approach our work and support our team while we do it.

Our consulting team is supported by a dedicated Service Delivery division that ensures consistency in our work for clients, how we communicate and ultimately how we deliver. All of our work comes from a space of being an empowering expert, which means leaving organisations not only with the outcome they desire but also the tools, training, techniques and confidence to continue successfully long into the future.

We focus on two core areas:

  • Starting at the idea stage through our Business Practices and
  • Helping deliver the right outcomes on time and on budget via our Professional Services Practices.

Our Business Practices enable us to get involved in the definition of ‘ideas and challenges’, the big picture, of an organisation rather than just going straight to solution mode. Taking a step back to explore the ‘why’ that drives change initiatives results in stronger strategic alignment for projects, increased engagement from those involved, and from our experience, far greater likelihood of success for everyone.

Our cross functional teams are constantly developing centres of excellence (and bringing new ones to life) to meet the increasing and ever-changing needs of communities, customers and the market at large. Our drive to make the work we do matter gives us a bent towards outcome- based community and client engagements where we can both shoulder responsibility and risk in the work we do.

It matters that we use contemporary service delivery methodologies, it matters that we develop our own product development framework (that we also use on ourselves—we walk our talk!), it matters that we invest in R&D and it matters that we put our people first.

This might sound like a lot of work behind the scenes just to get projects developed, but this is what it takes for us to make it matter to our clients, customers and our people.

From start to finish we are working to Make it Matter.

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