Geoff Purchase

Senior Consultant

Throughout Geoff’s career he’s been focused on making things better. Whether it’s helping to translate the intricacies of a software solution to end users, transitioning a telecoms system from analogue to digital or developing a centralised customer management solution for a large utility company, Geoff looks for the most efficient and sustainable outputs for businesses and their customers.

With a talent for understanding the technical and transforming it into simple and clear information that anyone can access, Geoff helps businesses to reach the biggest audience in the most effective way. Pragmatic in his approach, Geoff eliminates waste amplifying the smallest of changes to deliver the biggest impact.

Place on the team

Geoff is passionate about education and wants Tasmania to push into new heights of equipping the next generation to excel and raise the State’s influence on the world stage. This motivates him to invest in his team at The Project Lab, mentoring those at the beginning of their careers and encouraging his peers as they advance their knowledge and pursue new goals.

Together they work with clients to achieve excellence and have the best impact on the communities and people they serve. Putting people at the centre of a solution is key to their success and Geoff encourages the team to measure results by lives changed, not tasks ticked off. In the same way The Project Lab brand is ‘Make it Matter’, Geoff’s personal brand is ‘Make it Better’, which he does every day as he hunts out efficiencies and unlocks potential for clients.

 Make it Matter

When he’s not digging into the details of company processes, Geoff takes his gaze upwards and out to the stars where he’s looking for the next aurora to capture on camera. Living in Launceston, he loves taking a 15-minute drive out to where light pollution is at minimal levels, and he can see the universe in all its intricate glory.

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