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Tanya Sofra

Principal Consultant

After studying health sciences and public health at university, Tanya has worked in a variety of roles within the public health and not-for-profit space. With experience of working in case management to leading organisations through change management and developing new strategic approaches, her understanding of organisations making an impact in the community is comprehensive.

Beginning her career in Melbourne and rural Victoria, Tanya has gained valuable experience and insights into priorities and practices in the public healthcare system, particularly in the aged and disability sectors. With a deep interest and commitment to workforce diversity and inclusion, Tanya advocates for equity and mutuality, and believes that businesses and government organisations have a great opportunity to positively impact communities in this space.

Place on the team

Since joining The Project Lab in 2022, Tanya has been working across exciting and important projects within the healthcare and social assistance sector, as well as bringing her diverse perspective to projects with telecommunication companies and higher education institutions. Fundamental to all her work is her dedication to removing barriers to people being able to do their best work in whatever field they are working in. Improving systems, solving problems though innovative and collaborative approaches and using technology to create efficiencies are areas where Tanya excels.

Along with her client-facing work, Tanya is a well-respected leader within The Project Lab team. Leading a team of consultants and business professionals who are genuinely committed to supporting the health and well-being of Tasmanians, applying their skills and talents to projects that bring sustainable change and improvements that will help organisations to serve people where they need it most.  

Make it Matter

Tanya’s passion for equitable access to health, well-being and work opportunities for all is a key driver in her work and in her personal life. Making people’s lives better matters to her and she loves that she can pour her energy into supporting businesses and communities in a state she has grown to love. Along with her husband and children, Tanya finds balance in their beachside lifestyle, raising sheep and growing vegetables. A great believer in outdoor life feeding body, mind and soul, she wants everyone in Tasmania to benefit from the opportunities island life brings.

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