Rhiannon Bush

Management Consultant

With 13 years in customer service, Rhiannon is a proven coach and leader in sales. Rhiannon is a strong communicator and collaborative professional who uses her qualifications in DiSC behavioural profiling to draw out the strengths and potential in teams and individuals. Endlessly curious, Rhiannon seeks to understand a business and identify gaps or overlooked information to develop the right plan for moving forward.

Building rapport easily with clients, Rhiannon provides an environment where businesses can identify pain points and create solutions through a structured and strategic approach. Putting the customer at the centre, Rhiannon uses her knowledge of quality management, change management and ICT to improve systems and processes that will elevate business performance and position companies for growth.  

Place on the team

A valuable member of The Project Lab team, Rhiannon brings an honest and insightful perspective to her role as a management consultant. She encourages teammates and clients alike to focus on their goals and commit to achieving the best outcomes for their business and the community where they work.

Rhiannon balances her nurturing and approachable nature with an ability to get to the point and move things forward, to help organisations identify their needs, find a solution and equip them with the right resources to succeed. She will always bring 100% energy and focus to her work, ensuring organisations get the most out of every engagement with The Project Lab.

Make it Matter

A Tasmanian girl born and bred on the island, Rhiannon loves living with her young family in Launceston where its 10 minutes to everything – beach, gorge, trails or the CBD. She loves to find meaning in her professional and personal life and that is explored in her own podcast which explores life coaching, communication, personal empowerment and development. Rhiannon is passionate about helping people to get out of their own way and uses her talents and experience to influence those around her to push through challenges and achieve beyond their expectations.  

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