Rhiannon Bush

Management Consultant - Manufacturing, Primary Production and Transport

Who is Rhiannon?

Rhiannon is a customer experience consultant with specialised skills in coaching, training, behavioral profiling and sales. Rhiannon is highly organised and prefers to jump into finding a solution, rather than dwelling on the problem. She prides herself on her ability to create a safe environment to foster creative problem solving, calculated risk-taking, and open and honest communication. From experience, Rhiannon has found that nurturing relationships honestly and equally is the key to developing a psychologically safe culture, and this helps to negotiate amicable outcomes and explore mutually beneficial solutions.

What is Rhiannon passionate about in her work?

Rhiannon is passionate about work being a great experience for everyone – both inward and outward facing. Work being a great experience for all is inextricably linked to culture. Alignment in an organisation’s mission, vision and values from the top down plus clear and concise communication, and the best possible job-fit for staff are all contributing factors to an organisation’s ability to be high-performing. When teams within organisations are high performing, the organisation, clients and customers benefit and this has a direct impact on the bottom line. To uplift the experience for the customers, while simultaneously uplifting the experience for staff is the aim. This conjoined aim should work in harmony, not one being prioritized or sacrificed over the other.

What is she passionate about outside of work?

Rhiannon dedicates most of her time outside of work to her family. With two young children, Rhiannon wants to savor every moment she can with them while also honoring her own needs. it’s a tough balance some days! Rhiannon also loves to ride a vintage pushbike, swim in the cold Tassie ocean, sing; and with her partner she loves to drink great red wine and enjoy loaded potato gems as their weekend treat.

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