Ankush Watts

Business Analyst

Originally from Punjab in India, Ankush moved to Australia in 2014, first settling in Melbourne where he was a disability support worker, specialising in the support of people on the autism spectrum. In 2019, he moved to Tasmania for a role at Anglicare Tasmania where he took on further responsibilities leading a team of support workers as well as implementing new initiatives and programs targeted at enhancing customer experience.

Observing first-hand the impact of large-scale operational changes applied in the healthcare and social services sectors, Ankush was motivated to expand his skills and studied for an MBA, which led him into the world of business analysis and project management.  Over the last five years, he has worked on a number of significant projects, including the implementation of the ambitious TasGRN (Ground Radio Networks) project for the Department of Police Fire and Emergency Management.

Place on the team

As a business analyst in our Healthcare and Social Assistance sector team, Ankush brings valuable insights from his time working on the frontline of healthcare. He understands that the drivers for this sector are particularly customer-centric and how we apply IT and business improvements needs to reflect the values that are unique to caring for people.

Ankush enjoys that the mission and values of The Project Lab very much align with those of community health services. Working on projects that will have a direct, positive impact on the lives of people living in Tasmania is how we will fulfil our mission to make Tasmania the most liveable island in the world. With his background working with people and families living with disabilities and his knowledge of NDIS, Ankush is able to guide organisations through IT and business transformation using language they understand.

Make it Matter

Ankush and his wife recently became parents, and the highlight of his day has to be playing a game of peek-a-boo with is daughter. Coming in a close second is working on a team with a clear mission to serve the community he now calls home.

Ensuring equal access to quality healthcare is high on the agenda for Ankush, as he believes that will help people to make the most of the many benefits and opportunities Tasmania offers, whether that’s exploring its natural beauty, enjoying a good work/life balance or playing sport with friends who have come from all over the world to live in Tassie.

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