Paul Sloan

Head of Research and Development

Who is Paul?

Paul is a problem solver at heart, and he loves pulling things apart and putting them back together in totally unique and different ways. It all started as a kid with Lego and the toys just got bigger and more complex. With more than 20 years of international corporate experience across a range of industries, he’s excited to bring this curiosity to Tassie businesses and help to “make it matter.”

What is Paul passionate about in his work?

Paul is powered by helping others to achieve their dreams. He recognises that he wouldn’t have had the success he’s seen without strong, supportive mentors and now deliberately “pays it forward” whenever he can see someone hungry to grow and develop. The Project Lab gives him the opportunity to not only help Tasmanian businesses to grow, but also work alongside and guide some of the best young business talent in the state.

What is Paul passionate about outside of his work?

With two high energy boys, Paul’s life is full of adventure and excitement. If he’s not competing in karate tournaments, rock climbing, coaching kids' soccer or riding his mountain bike, he can be found in his more reflective moments reading, rocking out to some 80’s hair metal, sneaking in some videogame time or building on his film knowledge with the latest releases or an old cinema classic.  

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