Paul Sloan

Head of Research and Development

Originally, Paul wanted to be a vet and ended up studying Zoology at The University of Sydney. After graduating with his bachelor’s degree, life took him in a different direction, and he joined the marketing and media team at McDonalds. Working for one of the world’s largest brands, Paul’s learning progressed in a new direction shifting from wildlife to P&L’s and ROI. In 2004, his learning pivoted again to crisis and communications management as the global company navigated through the fallout from controversial documentary Super Size Me and he helped strategically lead the Australian response.

While working for McDonalds, Paul went back to university and studied Business Management which led to his next career step working for Fortune 500 company 3M. A leader in scientific, technical and product innovation, 3M trained and developed Paul over the next decade in marketing, sales, analytics, market research, LeanSix Sigma and product development. From helping design and set up a new factory in Vietnam to working in Arkansas, USA with the world’s largest retailer (Walmart) co-designing products in the US for the Asian market, his experience has been global, diverse and on a major scale.

Place on the team

Fortunately for The Project Lab and our clients, Paul met his Tasmanian partner in Sydney and when children came along, they decided to migrate back to her birthplace in 2017, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and experience to invest into Tasmanian organisations. After five years of working with the iconic Tasmanian brand Huon Aquaculture, Paul began at The Project Lab in 2023 as our Head of Research and Development.

Aligning with The Project Lab on vision and values, Paul utilises his talents for investigation and analysis, innovation and commercial acumen to develop our Service Catalogue, drive continuous improvement and create new ways for Tasmanian businesses to unlock their potential and rise to the top of their sector.

Make it Matter

Through his own career journey, Paul has discovered that when you believe in the purpose of the organisation you work for and connect with the ‘why’ of your role, then you are far more likely to produce your best work. This in turn enables your employer to get their best results too. Paul applies this mentality to his coaching and mentoring work both professionally and in the many sporting teams he has coached over the years.

Eternally curious and seeing the value in always being a student, Paul has recently taken up karate with his children to push himself in a new direction. Now that his kids are a bit older, he’s also looking forward to introducing them to mountain biking, kayaking and rock climbing (all activities he enjoyed pre-kids) and making the most of outdoor family life in Tasmania.

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