Ben Jones

Chief Executive Officer

Ben has over 15 years’ experience growing and improving a diverse range of Tasmanian businesses. From advising entrepreneurs with an innovative start-up to identifying growth opportunities for ASX-listed companies, Ben is skilled in finding the potential in organisations and creating strategies that will pave the way to success.

Throughout his career as a business leader, Ben has supported hundreds of Tasmanian businesses and business owners to launch, design and implement strategic plans, improve their use of technology, strengthen teams and governance and achieve success.

Place on the team

As Chief Executive Officer at The Project Lab, Ben is instrumental in establishing a company culture focused on learning, innovation and growth. Ben’s resilient and optimistic approach to investigating, identifying and realising opportunities coupled with his joy for working in teams creates the perfect environment for collaboration and empowerment, both within The Project Lab and across business networks in Tasmania.

Ben is committed to helping every member of The Project Lab use their skills, knowledge and resources in key industries and sectors to work on Tasmania’s biggest challenges and opportunities. Working with the leadership team, Ben empowers our high-performing, passionate team of consultants and business experts to deliver products and services that are tailored and scaled to enable Tasmanian organisations reach their goals and have the greatest impact in key areas of growth for our state.  

Make it Matter

Ben is energised by purpose and is happiest when he is learning and experimenting to reach a positive outcome, even if that means failing along the way.  After all, we learn the most from our failures!  

Somewhat of an enigma, Ben is an introvert that loves to work with people, Ben enjoys building high-performing teams who bring together an eclectic mix of skills and perspectives to solve problems that matter and make a difference to the island he has called home his whole life. Ben’s favourite part of working at The Project Lab is working alongside people who genuinely care about each other and seek to serve the communities where they live and work every day.

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