Thomas McCarroll


Who is Thomas?

Thomas (Thom, with an H like Thom Yorke) is a healthy mix of BA and PM, with 12 years’ experience, chiefly in the higher education and disability support sectors. An extremely curious person, Thom loves asking questions, consuming information, and finding efficient ways of doing things to make people happier. Thom loves working with people and is a natural at developing genuine relationships.

What is Thomas passionate about in his work?
Thom is very passionate about helping others do things well. As a Lean practitioner, he hates waste of all kinds, and loves to find ways to make processes efficient, consistent, and borne out of common sense. Thom is very passionate about people being happy at work and finding ways to make that happen through good business practices.

What is Thomas passionate about outside of work?

Thom is passionately Tasmanian and feels incredibly fortunate to be living in the best place on the planet. Thom and his husband are both keen bushwalkers and kayakers, and love exploring the tracks and waterways of Tassie, and filming it on his drone. Thom is also a competitive powerlifter, mainly for the mental and physical health benefits, a huge lover of food and wine, and is passionate about his friends and family.

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