Jack Marston

Head of Advisory & Consulting

With a strong technical background and a desire to continually drive process improvement, Jack has led many teams and projects to enhance their business process performance, leveraging a range of tools and methodologies to deliver real value to organisations.

Jack has worked with organisations in a variety of industries across Australia developing and implementing digital transformation solutions, to help grow the value of their products and services and optimise their business purpose so they can compete with the ever-changing external environment. This has included large-scale multi-cloud platform integrations, change management, corporate strategy and risk management.

Place on the team

As a member of the leadership team at The Project Lab, Jack oversees the delivery of services to clients across a broad range of key industry sectors including education, manufacturing, energy and utilities, healthcare and community services. Supported by our established service delivery team, Jack champions quality, people and client outcomes throughout every project and contract.

Jack is passionate about the future of Tasmania and enjoys using his proven skills in digital transformation and business digitisation to deliver more efficient cost outcomes for our clients and support businesses as they raise their customer experience standards.

Make it Matter

Outside of work, Jack is most likely found at the gym training to compete in national Judo competitions. His dream is to one day represent Australia as a champion Judoka (Judo player) and The Project Lab will be cheering him on when he does.

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