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The Project Lab is a consulting and advisory firm that bases its services on management consulting principles. We provide specialist knowledge, skills, experience and products to our clients spanning a broad range of industry sectors (such as healthcare, energy and utilities, and manufacturing) and across business functions (such as strategy, operations, and finance). We do this by providing relevant, tailored and contemporary advisory and consulting services such as strategic advisory, project management, business analysis and business consulting.

We help our clients build and grow; understand; and change their organisations to ensure they are high performing and remain sustainable, compliant and relevant. Our core focus is on the outcome regardless of what service we are providing, or how it is being provided—e.g. solving complex problems, identifying opportunities for growth, ensuring compliance, or guiding through change.

There are two broad categories of service we provide:

  • Advisory services.
  • Consulting services (either fixed price or day rate).

Our services are delivered by our team of experienced consultants, based on the specialist domain knowledge associated with each practice.

Our Practices Model

We provide an integrated service model where our Principal Consultants within our Business Practices establish a strong understanding of your business and potential opportunities, and then call on the specialist skills of our Business, Change, Analysis, and Specialty Practices as needed.

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Our practices are our ‘centres of excellence’ for each of our services, where domain subject matter expertise is established and maintained (i.e. our IP). Our people are central to our success—we look after our people, and our people look after our clients. Our people belong to a practice, and this is where they develop and grow their skills.

Business Practices

Build and grow a high performing organisation

The purpose of these practices is to focus on helping establish and grow high performing organisations. Our Principal Consultants belong in these practices, and their role is to establish and maintain client relationships, identifying opportunities for improvement and growth within an organisation. They help generate ideas and identify client needs. They help organisations imagine the ideal future, then turn that ideal future into reality.

Our Principal Consultants then call upon the expertise from within our Business, Change, Analysis or Specialty Practices to achieve the outcome.

Our Management Consultants, Business Advisors and Business Consultants belong in our Business Practices and have a wealth of experience in business executive and entrepreneurship roles, and qualifications such as Masters in Business Administration, CPA, or Masters in Human Resources.

Business Management and Governance

Helping you build and improve your organisation
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People and Employee Experience

Helping people perform at their best
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Analysis Practices

Understand your business and the market

The purpose of these practices is to focus on understanding how an organisation runs, the untapped potential within an organisation, determining what questions need to be asked, and gathering the right data to answer those questions. Our team utilise best-practice methods for Business Analysis (such as Business Process Model and Notation) and Business Improvement (e.g. Lean Six Sigma).

Business Analysis and Improvement

Helping you understand your business and its potential
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Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Helping you ask the right questions to establish data-driven decision making
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Change Practices

Deliver the change to your business

The purpose of these practices is to provide specialist skills and methods for initiating, planning, delivering and embedding change within an organisation. This includes establishing transformation and program/project management offices, delivering programs and projects, managing contracts, and guiding organisational change.

Program and Project Management

Helping you plan and deliver change
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Organisational Change Management

Helping your people through change
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Specialty Practices

Our investment in current and emerging market demands

These practices are formed based on emerging markets, such as Cyber Risk. We invest early to ensure we develop an understanding of these markets, and develop maturity in methodologies and best practices

Cyber Risk

Understand your organisation's cyber risk
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Managed Services

Managing your outsourced business process.
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Our consultant ranks

Our Services can be delivered by our competent team of consultants. All our practices have practitioners skilled in their area of expertise (e.g Business analysis), comprising the following consultant ranks:

Senior Consultant
Associate Consultant
Junior Consultant

Our consultant ranks are distinguished based on competency in hard (technical) skills and soft (people) skills, which form the bases for our catalogue of services.

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