Ben Cashman


Ben brings over 20 years’ experience in entrepreneurship, business transformation, stakeholder management, digital systems, quality assurance and leadership to help businesses identify their opportunities for growth and works with them to fulfil every avenue of potential.

Having spent decades working with processes and technology in the business world, Ben loves finding new ways to solve problems and ensuring solutions consider people, planet and finances in equal measure. With every project and contract, Ben encourages organisations to multiply their return on investment, by considering the people and communities that will benefit from their success and ensuring their best outcomes are best for all.

Place on the Team

As Founder of The Project Lab, Ben established a company purpose of helping Tasmanians achieve the extraordinary in their work and in their communities. His positive nature drives a culture of problem solving across the company and he is continually seeking for ways to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in those around him.

Ben is looking ahead to a Tasmania where everyone can enjoy the benefits of living on a stunning island of natural beauty, where education, social welfare, housing, health and well-being are abundantly available to all. That vision influences every aspect of his role at The Project Lab, and through his work with companies across the island he looks forward to it being realised in the years to come.

Make it Matter

A nature-loving adventurer, Ben loves his home island and is passionate about helping Tasmania become the best island in the world for everyone to enjoy. Along with founding The Project Lab, Ben is co-founder of Tinkle, a subscription-based bamboo toothbrush business focused on reducing plastic waste from Australian bathrooms. He also sits on the board of Electric Highway Tasmania (EHT), the largest EV charging network in Tasmania supporting the evolution of electric vehicles and reducing our carbon footprint.

Genuinely committed to making it matter every day, Ben loves partnering with like-minded people and believes together we can build a better future for Tasmanians.

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