Zara Pyke

Head of People & Culture

When people are the biggest assets of a company, it’s important that people care is at the heart of company culture and values. With a background in psychology, Zara puts understanding people, their abilities, challenges and needs in the workplace central to her role as Head of People and Culture.

As a naturally empathetic person, Zara adapts standard HR practices and processes to provide a workplace that supports and empowers everyone to bring their best selves to work, feeling safe and seen.

Place on the team

As part of the leadership team at The Project Lab, Zara is an enthusiastic advocate for the people that represent our brand, our services and our community. Spearheading people initiatives within the company, she has been integral to the introduction of new policies that ensure care for our people is first and foremost.

Recognising that culture is key to attracting and retaining the best talent and skills for our team, Zara is passionate about helping every member of the team connect with our purpose and values, to create a community of people who come from a diverse background of experience and perspectives, and yet feel like family.

Make it Matter

Zara’s talent for building a family at The Project Lab comes from her own Turkish family who put strong emphasis on coming together and connecting through their mutual love of food. She believes that it is the simple things in life that bring joy, such as walk by the sea or sharing home baking that break down barriers and help people to connect.

Supporting people to have a voice and be represented at work and in life is important to Zara and we are privileged to have her caring for our people as we pursue our goal to help make Tasmania the most liveable island in the world.

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