Dirk Haben

Senior Consultant

Who is Dirk?

Dirk does not have a license to operate a spaceship, unless American Pickup Trucks count? In his opinion, Spock was way too human, Dirk is trying to be a better version. His wife tells him he does not need to try as it comes naturally with being a German. Enough said.

What is Dirk passionate about in his work?

Good question, this really made Dirk stop and think. He likes problem solving, especially technical (mathematical, system, logic) type of issues. And likes to solve it in a simple way that is elegant, not just patch work – although the latter sometimes cannot be avoided as a first aid measure.

What is Dirk passionate about outside of work?

Using his time mindfully and with purpose. Doing nothing takes training, it does not just happen. Dirk likes all sorts of music, strumming a bit of guitar (those that have heard it will call it abuse), cycling, great food and drink, enduro motorcycle riding, scuba diving (haven’t been for way too many years) and learning about new scientific developments such as quantum physics, the universe (Prof. Brian Cox is a legend), General AI and way too many other things to list here. Oh and not to forget he enjoys training and teaching with GKR (karate) – and hopes he never has to use it for real (because he's way to slow/bad at it). Dirk think's getting the most out of the GKR students in training is what he is most passionate about.

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