Katrina Myburgh

Head of Marketing and Communications

For close to 20 years, Katrina has been working in corporate marketing and brand communications, with roles across agency and in-house at local, national and international levels. With specialist knowledge of industries spanning energy, education, tourism, automotive-aftermarket and consumer goods, Katrina brings intelligent, qualified and innovative solutions to her clients.

Katrina has the natural ability to lead and empower the people she works with, and with a wealth of knowledge from her experience working at the senior executive level for a multinational marketing solutions and communications agency, and more recently leading the in-house marketing team at a leading natural gas retail company, she brings a unique and pragmatic perspective to her work.  

Place on the Team

As Head of our Marketing, Brand and Communications Team, Katrina provides leadership on all aspects of the brand marketing journey including ideation, development, implementation and management, for both The Project Lab and as a consultant for clients. With a candid and friendly approach, Katrina is a genuine collaborator who uses her skills and expertise to empower the team she’s working with to deliver the best business-driven outcomes.  

Developing and implementing strategy is Katrina’s superpower, which is supported by her proven abilities in management of complex stakeholder engagements and execution of mass media campaigns as well as extensive experience in reputation management, brand development, public relations, internal communications and strategic digital and traditional content marketing. 

Make it Matter

As a mum and wife of a busy family, CEO of her own online, premium wine subscription business, board member of a local charity, and a senior leader at The Project Lab, Katrina chooses carefully where she invests her time and energy. If something matters to her and she can see clearly that her involvement is going to make a positive difference, then she's all in. What matters to Katrina is 100% driven by her values which are very much aligned with The Project Lab’s. She loves that her day job can play a small part in making Tasmania better for her family, her community, her business and her future.  

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