We are 10!

The Project Lab is celebrating a big milestone this year – we have reached double figures!  

In November 2013, our CEO and Founder Ben Cashman joined with other independent change makers and project professionals to form a collective motivated by the belief that in working together they would have a bigger impact on Tasmania than continuing as individuals.  

“Our core ethos was to invest in businesses that were doing good in the communities where they lived and worked. If we supported organisations that were investing in Tasmania, we would fulfil our mission of making Tasmania the most liveable island in the world.” – Ben Cashman

Over the last 10 years, The Project Lab has grown into a high-performing management consultancy serving clients across the state, working in a broad spectrum of sectors and industries. Still, we see that by delivering projects and solutions that help our clients to achieve the extraordinary in their field, we achieve our extraordinary.  

“We are proud to be Tasmanians working for Tasmanians. Within our team we have proven, global experience, and yet we are people who roll up our sleeves and work alongside and within the clients’ teams to tailor solutions to the Tasmanian context”.

Through seasons of growth and refinement, we have stayed true to our purpose. Setting ourselves apart from the blue and white crowd of consultants, our brand is bright pink to reflect our values of CELEBRATE – CARE – WASTE NOT – DO THE RIGHT THING – BOLD – PLAYFUL.

We are celebrating 10 years of making it matter.  

We are celebrating 10 years of learning and growing.  

We are celebrating 10 years of people working together to multiply results.  

We are celebrating 10 years of clients inspiring us, pushing us, partnering with us and inviting us to be part of their journey.

We are so grateful for the last 10 years and excited to step into the next decade. You are invited to celebrate with us. Let’s make it matter, together.

We've written an in-depth story on the origin of The Project Lab, read more here.

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