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Celebrating the Extraordinary in Tasmania

When we turned ten in November 2023, we wanted to celebrate the client brands that are part of our story and who are also working hard to make Tasmania the most liveable island in the world.

We ran a social media series called ‘Celebrate the Extraordinary’ with posts featuring organisations and businesses we have worked with over the years who are achieving extraordinary things for Tasmania, and beyond. Below are some of the brands we celebrated. Visit our Linkedin page to read more about each one.


SRT Logistics

SRT Logistics, Tasmania’s most recognised, family-owned, logistics company, has a 25-year track record of success at the forefront of the industry, providing transport and warehousing services for chilled and frozen goods in Australia. In 2023, they cemented their leading position in the national freight market when they were named the Woolworths Group ‘Primary Connect Large Carrier of the Year’ for the second year in a row.

Find out how we helped SRT Logistics update their digital systems here.


The University of Tasmania is shaping the future of education, seamlessly merging academic brilliance with environmental stewardship, ultimately striving for a more sustainable and equitable world. As a global leader in Sustainable Development Goal 13 (SDG13): Climate Action, UTAS has continuously spearheaded initiatives to address this pressing issue, garnering the distinguished #5 ranking in the 2023 Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings.

Find out how we helped scope and implement integration and robotic process automation (RPA) technologies here.


In just two and a half years, Enginuity has delivered projects that have successfully reduced their clients’ carbon emissions by over 3.6 million kg per year, saved over $1.8 million in energy costs, and saved enough energy to run 800 residential properties for a year.
Their innovative and resourceful approach of using skills and knowledge to have the biggest impact on Tasmanians is worth celebrating.

Read more here.

Ignite Digi

Ignite Digi designs, manufactures and sells premium camera and gimbal accessories used on film/TV shoots around the world. Their products are designed, manufactured and assembled in Tasmania and their products have been used by camera and drone teams on Disney's Mulan, Deadpool 2, Marvel's Venom, A Star Is Born, HBO's True Detective and many other film, television and Netflix programs. Their highly successful products promote the ‘Made in Tasmania’ standard to new levels and they've embraced the Tasmanian brand with a line of animal operating equipment stickers that go out with orders around the world.

Read more here.



GreenMed was established in 2019 by Tasmanian friends Mat Usher and Brenton Lovering to tackle the growing hospital waste problem. From one idea and connecting with the right people they have created a planet-saving initiative that is now being rolled out across Tasmania.
GreenMed’s ‘Keep me in the loop®’ program offers a fully transparent model for healthcare waste, diverting clean plastics away from landfill and redesigning it into new products to replace common single use plastics already in use in our hospitals.

Find out how we assisted in helping them elevate their marketing and comms here.


Baptcare provides residential and community care for older people and has grown its services to also include support to children, families and people living with a disability, people living with mental ill-health and people seeking asylum. In partnership with Monash University’s Health and Social Care Unit, Baptcare is developing a new model of care for people with dementia residents of their Aged Care communities, which includes their families, staff and volunteers.

We are delighted to support Baptcare’s work through assisting in tender applications, found out more here.

City Mission

We are proud to have worked with City Mission in Launceston who serve the most vulnerable people in our communities. One of the many services City Mission offers is Safe Space, which offers a temporary, safe place to sleep for people facing crisis who need care and support to help the consider their next step. It is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. City Mission’s Safe Space has recently reported that more than 50 clients (guests) have secured housing this year, whether its shared accommodation, a private rental or moving into rehab.

Read more here.


For the past two decades, Tas Gas has made a difference in the lives of Tasmanians, providing reliable and safe energy to homes and businesses. As a Tasmanian-operated business, the impact of Tas Gas extended far beyond convenience, generating over 8,550 jobs and contributing nearly $1 billion to the Tasmanian economy. At the end of 2023, Tas Gas rebranded as Solstice Energy. Through this new diversified energy business, customers will be able to access all their energy needs through one local customer-centric retailer, whether that’s electricity, natural gas or future opportunities in biofuels and renewable gases.

Read more here.

Temtrol Technologies

Temtrol specialise in industrial electrical contracting which includes optical fibre services and manufacturing sensor products. Their highly sophisticated products provide safety in a broad range of contexts including measuring pressure, temperature and flow, automation of machinery, analytical sensors for the management of water and wastewater, and machine safety systems.

On top of their impressive technical skills, Temtrol show how much they care for Tasmanians through supporting sports and children’s charities in Launceston and George Town where they are based.

Read more here.

Bonorong Wildlife Park

At the age of seven, Greg Irons told his parents he would own Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary one day and only 18 years later he did. Since then he has led the team to create a place that is so much more than a wildlife sanctuary; it is a successful tourism enterprise which provides eco-education and experiences.

The Bonorong Rescue service currently receives around 14,000 calls for injured and orphaned wildlife around the whole of Tasmania every year. The Wildlife Hospital will service many of these calls directly and they tend to see an average of approximately 120 wildlife patients each week. They believe that ‘in the same way an individual can devote their existence to doing good, so too can a business’ and we couldn’t agree more.

Read more here.

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