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Explaining what we do in other words...

Have you ever asked someone what they do for a living, they give you their job title and you are none the wiser? Often it takes a bit more digging to understand what a person actually does.  

We’ve discovered that this is true when we introduce ourselves; people don’t always understand what management consultants do or how we help organisations. It doesn’t help that like many industries, we can get caught up in our own jargon, adding another layer of mystery to what we do. 

We decided to put our consultants on the spot and ask them to explain what they do, in other words. Turns out we learnt a lot and thought we’d share our findings with you.

In June 2024, we launched our in other words campaign, aimed at tackling the ambiguity surrounding management consulting. By simplifying the way we talk about what we do for a wide range of clients across Tasmania, we hope to show the different ways we solve organisational problems and how they might apply to your organisation. Over a series of posts, including some of our consultants themselves explaining what they do, we cover a lot of services, including:

The Project Lab has sector-expert consultants across Tasmania who are equipped to help businesses and organisations achieve their goals. Our global experience combined with local knowledge and insights means we can tailor solutions to fit your needs and your team.

We’d love to know what you think of the campaign. Do you think a business consultant could help your company? Or is there jargon you have heard that you would like us to explain? Let us know!

To find out what we have talked about during the campaign, click on the clips below to hear, in other words, what our consultants do at The Project Lab.    

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