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Certification of Information Security Management System

National Joblink (NJL) is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) providing a wide range of training and assessment services to businesses and Jobseekers throughout Tasmania, Queensland and the Northern Territory. NJL provides flexible on the job or off the job training, vocational training as well as personalised services.

The Opportunity

National Joblink’s key customer is the Commonwealth Government, and a requirement of the Government is that DESE deed holders are accredited to their Right for Risk Scheme and that their security management system is underpinned with ISO 27001:2013.

National Joblink were under tight timeframes to achieve certification and required assistance to refine their risk assessment, effectively challenge and test their information security controls implement a robust internal auditing and management review process.

  • Retain existing Commonwealth Government contracts
  • Increase revenue from new Commonwealth Government contracts
  • Improve information security management controls and systems

The Approach

  1. Validate Statement of Applicability (SoA)
  2. Sampling of information security controls to determine new controls needed or improvements of existing controls required
  3. Undertake an internal audit to determine ISO 27001 certification gaps
  4. Implemented changes to close the gaps
  5. Develop and implement internal auditing and management review routines

The gap identification led to the provision of specific technical services including:

  • Migrating from a file server to a Microsoft cloud-based SharePoint and hardening / testing that site
  • Decommissioning of the on-premise file server

Following successful ISO 27001 certification The Project Lab consultants have also assisted NJL develop and implement continuous improvements to the organisation’s information and cybersecurity controls.

The Results

- ISO 27001 Certification achieved within the required timeframe

- The implementation of a new SharePoint site

- Improved information and Cybersecurity controls

- Continuous improvement of IM & Cybersecurity

"Without the timely support received by The Project Lab, we would not have been successful in obtaining out Right fit for Risk accreditation within the required timeframe. As a result, we were one of only a few dozen organisations nationwide that did not require an extension of time." - Emma Dickens CEO, National Joblink


A key to successful delivery is matching the best consultant to the project. This is where The Project Lab gets it right and can draw on the diverse sector and expert domain experience and skills of its consultants.

This project was delivered by Dinesh Aggarwal supported by Greg Turner.

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University of Tasmania (Image sourced with permission by UTAS)

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