Crafting your Identity as a Leader – Workshop

$ 120.00 

Crafting your Identity as a Leader – Workshop

$ 120.00 

Who you are as a leader

Are you confident in your personal brand? If your leadership style, values and vision don’t align with your goals, your ability to inspire and guide others effectively will be limited.

Knowing what you bring to your leadership role will produce confidence and trust within your team. It will  empower them to take ownership and accountability for their own role, creating an environment where organisational progress is possible.

Discover your personal brand

The Project Lab is running a small, close-knit, interactive workshop tailored for leaders. The Leadership Brand Workshop covers values and vision, authentic communication and identifying your own personal brand.

In this three-hour workshop, participants will be guided through a blueprint for leaders to craft, refine and articulate their personal brand in line with their organisational objectives.


  • Strategic Alignment:
    Align your personal leadership brand with organisational goals for more effective and impactful leadership.
  • Organisational Success:
    A well-defined leadership brand contributes to the overall success and positive reputation of the individual and the organisation.
  • Inspirational Leadership:
    Decide who you want to be as a leader to foster a positive and collaborative work environment and enhance your ability to influence and motivate others through consistent leadership.

Program Dates:

Please contact us to register your interest in events in Hobart or Launceston, early 2024.


Your facilitator:

Rhiannon Bush, Communication & Leadership SME
“I’m here to help you be the best leader you can be – by design. This workshop will give you the time and space to get clear on how you show up, and how you serve others to achieve.”


Your one-off investment of $120pp covers attendance and worksheets to take away.

This month’s workshop is limited to 10 participants. Secure your place and book today! If you have any questions about this workshop, please contact us.

Crafting your Identity as a Leader – Workshop
Crafting your Identity as a Leader – Workshop
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