When you know you know, and when you don’t, you bring in those who do.

When we stepped back last year to work on our brand and consider our brand purpose and values, Tasmania was at the centre of every discussion. When we talk about our brand purpose ‘Make it Matter’, delivering projects with our clients that help improve Tasmania is pretty important. Actually it’s more than that, it’s at the centre of our ‘why’ proposition.

We thrive on helpingTasmanian businesses change, improve and grow, and being able to match the right professional experts with the right projects for our clients is key to this.

So when our paths crossed with bdna a couple of years ago at the Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Management (DPFEM), where they were the lead integrator for Project Unify for DPFEM (NicheRMS Phase 1 foundation implementation), we recognised their significant professional experience and expertise in public safety.

“We were impressed with bdna's approach to project delivery, particularly their deep knowledge and experience in emergency services and policing in particular”Ben Cashman, Managing Director for The Project Lab said. 

We were engaged by DPFEM throughout 2018/19 to provide independent quality assurance services over Project Unify, which included working closely with bdna as the lead integrator. 

The values align.

It’s no coincidence that bdna and us here at The Project Lab share similar values. Bdna’s value  ‘Make a Difference’ naturally makes them an easy project partner for The Project Lab.

“There is great alignment in our corporate values and the mission both bdna and The Project Lab seek to achieve in the Australian states in which we work” Ben said.

The Project Lab strives to improve Tasmanian communities through the work we do with local organisations.We help deliver lasting and impactful change through projects and business consulting, with more than 50 SMBs and government agencies across the state. 

Bdna share this vision, and there is synergy in joining our project delivery and consulting experience with bdna's technical excellence and deep emergency management service experience.

“Combining forces from both companies provides an excellent blend of local  presence and team-based resourcing, with deep expertise rarely found at this scale on Tasmanian shores,” Eugene Brink,Director of Public Safety from bdna added.

For us, the expertise from bdna compliments our experience delivering hundreds of projects across Tasmanian government departments, with their experience from large scale federal government projects nationally.

What we hope it will deliver for Tasmania

It’s no small vision.

Together, we believe we can deliver the most complex and challenging projects for Tasmania and deliver outcomes that benefit every single Tasmanian.

Put practically, our joint vision will mean;

  • Expertise in emergency services management that will deliver more impactful tools and experiences for frontline emergency services staff.
  • Tangible outcomes for every Tasmanian through improvements and innovation in the state-wide healthcare sector.

So here’s to the beginning of something special.

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