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Internal Communications - Covid 19 Update.

Christmas is coming to Tasmania soon but unfortunately, so is Covid-19. 

Most of you by now will have noticed the increase in print, tv and email communications from our state government helping our island prepare to manage the increased risk that comes with our borders opening today.

If you haven’t taken the time to read or watch any of the updates the link below can bring you up to date quickly.

Get me up to speed - Click here.

Travelling over the holidays?

We ask you to please take into consideration the new travel restrictions and requirements for anyone travelling back into Tassie from December 15th from areas classified as medium or high-risk.

We ask you to talk with our clients or please reconsider travel that may create serious inconveniences for projects where the work can't easily be carried out from home.

Click here for the latest travel information – updated December 9th 2021

Reminders and Changes to how we work in our offices

  • Thank you to everyone for continuing to check in each time you enter any of our facilities in Launceston or Hobart, please continue checking in.
  • If you are feeling any covid related symptoms or are regarded as a close contact you are required to get a test (not over-the-counter test) and stay home until you receive a negative test result.
  • Wearing masks in The Project Lab offices is as at your own discretion however those on client sites must please adhere to any site/client specific requirements.
  • (New) Please use the wipes provided to clean your work area before leaving each day so it’s clean for the next person. 
Click here for testing locations and information

How will we be managing cases if they enter any of our workplaces?

We will be following the State Government guidelines and following our own COVID-19 Response Plan, which is located in Employment Hero.

Please be aware that this means in the event of a case at one of our sites we may need to close temporarily and ask all staff to isolate at home, get a test and may request face masks for a period of time.

Click here to review the Tasmanian State Government guidelines.
At this time we are not requesting mandatory vaccination from our staff but cannot speak for each of our clients.

Please liaise with your client directly or with support from your principal consultant. If you have any concerns, please discuss these immediately with our Head of Customer Experience by emailing  

We realise that this is an unusual event to be planning for and that this increased risk our state is taking on provides a lot of uncertainty and in some cases, fear for those of us with older or immunocompromised loved ones. We ask that everyone consider this when communicating among our organisation, our community and doing whatever you canto help support each other as we make this significant transition.

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