Innovation approach - redefining clinical waste

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at The Project Lab. Whether improving services for users in our communities, or designing new products in alignment with our values. One of our core values focuses on No Waste. When we say this we mean more than trash and home waste. We aim to reduce the time it takes someone to complete a task, the mental space to do complex work, or repurposing what is traditionally seen as waste into a new and valuable resource.

We have partnered with GreenMed, a Tasmanian organisation on a mission to preserve value by redesigning waste. Through the Green Hospitals Recycling Initiative, GreenMed is working towards minimising the growing amount of clinical waste headed to landfill, while mitigating the need for further production and purchase of virgin plastic products from fossil fuels.

By recycling clean hospital clinical waste, GreenMed minimise the longtail impact on our local environment.

For example, the processing of clean hospital sterilisation wrap requires no water use, releases no chemicals or toxins and is only responsible for a small energy and transport footprint. We have worked with GreenMed in executing on their strategy as they aim to create products that can be recollected and re-recycled multiple times, ensuring that we achieve the greatest ‘bang for our environmental buck’ in hospital plastic use.

Find out more about the GreenMed philosophy and how you can get involved here: GreenMed - Preserving value by redesigning waste (

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