Frequently asked questions

What is CyberUP?

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CyberUP is a program carefully designed by us here at The Project Lab to help small and medium businesses in all Tasmanian industry sectors to understand and manage their cyber risks and prevent online attacks on their staff and business.

How does the program work?

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CyberUP consists of a variety of activities that will increase your understanding about cyber in general, in your business, and in your industry. These activities include:

  • public and industry-specific awareness sessions
  • free 1-2 hour cyber consultancy services for SMEs to develop Cyber Risk Management Plans
  • additional co-funded Cyber Advisory services
  • on-demand learning delivered through an online platform, plus
  • other value-adding tools from program partners

What does it cost?

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Please contact us to find out the investment.

How will this help me and my business?

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The Cyber Risk Management Plan will be a comprehensive list of your business assets and the cyber risks that apply to them. Once these have been identified, you can filter them into already mitigated risks and unmitigated risks. We will then assist you in identifying techniques to mitigate the risks that haven’t been addressed, therefore, increasing your business’ cyber maturity and protection.

I can’t make the awareness sessions! Will I be able to access the material online?

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Yes! All the material will be provided online, as well as online awareness sessions recorded to be viewed after the fact.

What will I get at the end?

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By the end of the program, you will have an increased understanding in how you manage your business’ cyber risks. You will also have a Cyber Risk Management Plan that you can implement to further protect your business.

What is the output of the program?

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The output of the program is a Cyber Risk Management Plan (CRMP). You can find out more info about this on the CyberRisk Management Plans page.

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Can I access help as I go through the process?

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Yes, our cyber risk consultants will be available to assist you throughout your CyberUP journey.

Are you ready to CyberUP your business?