Principal Consultant

Position Description:

As a Principal Consultant (Advisory) you are responsible for supporting the growth across the business. This role falls under the direction of Head of Growth and works closely with our growth team, staff and consultants to ensure our services are client focussed and there is a continuous pipeline of work.

As a Principal Consultant you have a demonstrated passion for understanding how and why businesses and markets work, with a desire to influence positive change. You are experienced in running a successful business (including working for yourself) and have background in leadership and collaborative team engagements. You have a strong professional network, established over time based on trusted and demonstrated capability.

You are highly competent, work successfully autonomously and have demonstrated experience in both building, and working, with dynamic and cross-disciplinary teams. You can think on your feet, know when and how to resolve a problem, and don’t shy away from challenging situations. You demonstrate advanced people skills, actively listen, encourage others, convey reliable facts and build rapport in difficult situations to achieve the vision.

You actively pursue opportunities to mentor and guide those who are less experienced, and regularly partake in activities to increase the overall learning and development of other members of the Project Lab. Your passion and drive for business growth stands out, as does your ability to consistently exceed client experience expectations. 

You promote and practice the Project Lab’s values and actively lead in creating a positive culture.  


·      Lead the drive of a continuous pipeline of work through identifying, scoping and securing opportunities that have a high chance of achieving the desired outcome.

·      Work collaboratively with other members of the Growth team to pursue strategic priorities for The Project Lab and have a positive contribution to the growth of the team.

·      Work with the Product team to enable the development of consulting products that are desirable, feasible and viable.

·      Work with the Service Delivery Team to support the effective delivery of projects for accounts under management.

·      Work autonomously, as part of a team, or lead teams in dynamic project environments often undertaking multiple engagements simultaneously whilst delivering agreed outcomes with a high level of proficiency and quality.

·      Lead the initiation, influencing and maintaining of relationships with team members, other project teams, stakeholders and client groups to develop and maintain effective working relationships.

·      Manage any issues or challenges relating to an engagement where client outcomes or Project Lab commercial objectives may be at risk.

·      Mentor and guide other consultants, ensuring learning and development opportunities are shared with fellow consultants.

·      Identify and precisely match clients' needs to the Project Lab capabilities.

·      Identify markets needs that are in line with the Project Lab’s vision and strategy.

Skills and experience:

·      Post-graduate qualifications/certifications in Business, Finance, Management Consulting, IT, Engineering 

·      A minimum of 7 years' experience in business or management consulting, business analysis or a related field

·      Commitment to ongoing professional development

·      Commercial acumen validated by the market

·      Experienced in leading the drive of a continuous pipeline of work

·      Demonstrated skills and experience in leading and working with high performing teams

·      Demonstrated experience in leading the effective delivery of projects.

·      Experienced in engaging and negotiating at multiple levels to influence, listen (seek to understand)

·      Exceptional analytical, critical and conceptual thinking skills

·      High level communication skills

·      High Emotional Intelligence to understand and negotiate with stakeholders

·      Exceptional ability to identify with markets needs that are in line with vision and strategy

·      Ability to match client needs with suitably qualified people

·      Ability to develop/leverage networks or associations as possible pipelines of lead generation

·      Exceptional ability to present/pitch in forums that generate signed engagements

·      Experience in identifying and documenting client problems, the impact of the problem, solutions and the benefit the client will get once our solution is implemented.

·      Critical analysis and ability to understand how tools and techniques intertwine

Position Reports to: Head of Growth

Permanent: Full-time - 5 days per week (37.5 hours) generally between 8:30am and 5:30pm. Flexible working hours (including more than 8 hours/day) may be required at times where critical project deliverables are subject to time pressures.

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