Roland Hanekroot

Senior Consultant

Who is Roland?

Roland lives in Launceston Tasmania with his wife Daniela Cavalletti and has three adult children and 4 grandchildren living in various places on the mainland. He previously lived and worked in Sydney, Italy, The Caribbean, Greece, and was born and raised in Holland. Started the working life as a journalist in Holland and via a number of roundabouts ended up as a carpenter and builder. During 20 years in Sydney, he started, grew and later sold a building company. After selling the building company in 2003, the business was developed. Working with business owners to help them make their business and life work better together is a passion.

 What is Roland passionate about in his work? 

The Purpose of Roland's coaching practice is to help business owners feel great about themselves and their business but making business fun again. That statement reflects pretty well with what Roland is passionate about. Finds that business owners often feel overwhelmed and stressed and often also feel they're not "cutting it" as business owners. He loves seeing people he works with start the process of changing their outlook and feel pleased about their achievements and what they've created in their businesses.

 What is Roland passionate about outside of work:

Roland has a some activates he likes to do outside of work. Just to name a few; cooking and feeding people he cares about, hiking and exploring nature, reading (fiction mostly these days), learning stuff, family and friends and supporting people who are passionate about stuff and like doing their own thing.

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