Ramu Ayithy


Who is Ramu...
Ramu is an easy going and a fun loving person. Been in Tassie for the past 8 years, the first day arriving in Tassie, he fell in love with it and made it his home. Coming from a very orthodox south-Indian family, learned his way through many cultures and had to learn languages. Can speak about 7 languages and read and write in 4. After completing his engineering in computer sciences, Ramu joined a multi-national organisation SAP. After a series of promotions, he aimed to get his masters to get to the next level. Ramu did his MBA from UTAS and then turned towards Project Management, and did his Prince 2 certification. Worked in all levels of settings from being one out of 75k employees to a one man team, local companies, to nation and global companies. Was the youngest team lead and managed a team of engineers from 3 countries and 4 time zones.

What is Ramu passionate about in his work?
Creating something out of nothing, brining structure to process, and building processes and procedures that fit in and work in the real world than just in papers.

What is he passionate about outside of work?
Ramu is an amateur painter, but now his 3-year-old son became his world and spends all his time with him.

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