Natasha Casey


Who is Natasha?

Natasha's authentic and humble approach has been the key to her success when creating personal and professional relationships. Holding strong personal core values: bravery, honesty, and Kindness, she is always looking to learn and share with those around her. She promotes honest and open conversations with respect and transparency.  

What is Natasha passionate about in her work?

From a young age, it soon became clear to that Natasha had a strong interest to understand why people behave the way they do and what drives and motives people to change or grow. She now enjoys building capability in people to truly make a positive impact on them personally and retrospectively to strengthen an organisations strategic advantage. Additionally, finding her place in this world gives Natasha great satisfaction and motivation to continue to grow and thrive in the world of Project / Change Management.

What is Natasha passionate about outside of work?

Natasha likes to think that she is a super cool mum that can also manage a team / project at the same time. Her favourite days are when she goes to work (not realising) that she still has coulorful face painting or multiple fairy stickers randomly on her clothes, not to mention glitter eyeshadow on one occasion. Loves being unapologetically herself, always looking for ways to help people. Natasha may give you her last dollar but don’t underestimate it, her kindness is her superpower, not her weakness.

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