Kate Daley

Director - Energy, Utilities and Financial Services Sector

Kate is an experienced senior executive and CEO with over 30 years of cross industry experience in Tasmania and interstate in the areas of energy and utilities, agriculture, health, community services and the public sector. Before joining The Project Lab, Kate managed several energy retail entities across Australia and is experienced in project managing new service delivery for consumers as part of innovative brown and greenfield utility infrastructure projects.

Kate believes in putting the customer at the centre and knows that customer success and business growth triumphs are the outcomes of the right leadership and strategies delivered by the right people who are supported by the right systems. Understanding what customers want and expect, and delivering products and services that meet or exceed their expectations is a recipe for success.

Place on the team

As part of The Project Lab leadership team and Director of the Energy, Utilities and Financial Services (EUFS) team, Kate supports the continuous improvement of strategy formation, people, systems and processes to deliver great customer, stakeholder and shareholder outcomes for the businesses we work with.

Kate is gifted in establishing capable and effective teams and systems and will be using her industry insights and extensive networks to build the EUFS team and influence strategy and policy development to improve outcomes for businesses and Tasmanians.

Make it Matter

Kate spends her free time fishing and camping around Tasmania with her husband. Tasmanians are blessed to live in such a beautiful place, but not all Tasmanians have access to a decent standard of living.  Through The Project Lab, Kate is excited about contributing to projects and initiatives that will lead to all Tasmanians having the opportunity to enjoy living, working and playing on our islands.  

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