Ben de Heer

Associate Consultant

Who is Ben?

Ben started his corporate career in the insurance industry in the claims department. From there, he worked in all mannes of insurance departments from underwriting, claims management, training & development, and ending up managing cases with the ombudsman.

While with the ombudsman, Ben discovered a passion for business improvement. After moving to Tasmania, he worked in the telecommunications industry for a short period before starting with The Project Lab.

What is Ben passionate about in his work?

Ben is passionate about finding the best solutions possible for a business. He enjoys deep diving into the processes and procedures to find ways to streamline and improve. By working with all levels of the business, Ben can always find hidden and unexpected ways to change how a business operates.

What is Ben passionate about outside of work?

Ben loves music in all forms, from listening to playing. Also loves the outdoors and as a reasonably new Tasmanian, he enjoys exploring as much of the state as possible.

Recently, Ben become a fan of whisky, which has been increased exponentially since moving to this wonderful part of the world!

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