Analysis practices

Business Analysis and Improvement

Helping you understand your business and its potential

Our services within this practice focus on understanding a business, using contemporary and traditional best practices such as:

  • Process Analysis, Modelling and Improvement;
  • Requirements Analysis and Documentation;
  • Root Cause Analysis;
  • Business Architecture Development;
  • Business Case Development;
  • Business Continuity Planning;
  • Decision Tree Modelling;
  • SWOT Analysis;
  • Use Case and Scenario Modelling
  • Use Case and Test Plan Development;
  • Tender Preparation and Assessment;
  • Survey Design and Management;
  • Organisational Modelling;
  • Functional Decomposition;
  • Metrics and Performance Indicators;
  • Data Flow Diagrams and Modelling;
  • Customer Experience—Journeys and Personas;
  • Process Efficiency and Productivity;
  • DMAIC Project Cycle;

Our Business Analysts belong in this practice and are qualified via certifications such as IIBA Certification of Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA), IIBA Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) or PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PBA).

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