Moving into double digits 

The Project Lab is stepping into our tenth year with renewed vision and energy, driven to continually challenge the status quo in Tasmania.

We have made some necessary changes, designing our team to be the management consultancy that deeply understands the challenges faced by Tasmanian organisations and applies tailored solutions that enable them to be better, to advance and grow. This will allow us to deliver on our purpose of making Tasmania the most liveable island in the world by improving:

  • The performance of organisations within the State by leveraging their uniqueness to help them succeed
  • The wellbeing of our community including across key dimensions of education, social welfare, housing, health, and social connectedness, and
  • Environmental and economical sustainability that allows Tasmania to grow in line with what it means to be “Tasmanian”.

Creating meaningful impact with our new structure

With our new structure, The Project Lab will deliver impactful engagements and partner with organisations and stakeholders in five target sectors. Our sectors combine industries in a traditional sector with a “this is how we do it here” approach, bringing a uniquely Tasmanian perspective to the way we approach opportunities and challenges individually and together.

The Project Lab's Organisational Structure

Our sector teams are driven to have meaningful impact on some of Tasmania’s biggest challenges, including:

Our sector-focussed teams are enabled by our operational divisions, People and Culture, Research and Development, Technology, Finance, Legal and Risk, and Operations.

Sector teams that leverage our core strengths

Our Manufacturing, Primary Production and Transport (MPPT) team, led by Greg Turner (Director) and Rhiannon Bush (Management Consultant), has been operational since January 2023 and is focused on enabling the State’s goal of tripling industry exports by 2050 – a challenge set by the Department of State Growth.

Leveraging our core strengths to solve some of Tasmania's biggest problems

All sector teams are now operational, solving clients’ problems and feeding information into strategies specific for their sector. The formal launch of each team will begin with the appointment of a Sector Director to finalise and drive delivery of their sector strategy, the public release of their vision and the bringing together of key stakeholders to get traction fast.

Make it Matter

We are making changes, but some things stay the same. ‘Make it Matter’ will always be why we get up in the morning, compelling us to work on good problems together and have a positive impact on the island we call home. Tasmania matters to us, and we want to matter to Tasmania. Our values are how we make it matter and make our team distinct. We work with care and no ego, doing the right thing, wasting nothing as we boldly pursue the extraordinary. Never forgetting to have fun along the way!

We want our people to come to work everyday knowing they’re solving problems that will help make Tasmania the most liveable island in the world. This is why we exist.  

Want to hear more about our story and what drives us? Get in touch, we’d love to understand how it applies to you.

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