Say hello to...Dion

Last week we introduced you to our new way of working and the first of our three new Lead Consultants Annmarie (Change & Project Management).

This week we're saying hello to our new Lead Consultant - Business Analysis, Dion Saturno and Dion lets us into why this opportunity resonated with him and what success will look like for him, his team and our clients.

Dion also shares his top restaurant tip for Hobart and where is next on his Tassie travel bucket list!

I wear these hats at The Project Lab:

Senior Consultant currently assigned to several business analysis engagements assisting a state government agency. I Recently commenced as the Lead Consultant for The Project Lab Business Analysis Practice.  

What does a week in the life of Dion at The Project Lab look like?

Helping a client develop a high-level strategy and capability uplift roadmap to effectively mitigate an evolving domain of risk across their organisation. Leading the production of As-Built technical support specifications of an implemented solution to be transitioned to Operations at the end of the month. Leading the evaluation of current and future talent against considerable client opportunity demand.            

Why The Project Lab?

The Project Lab values resonated very strongly with me. I do care and give a shit about my colleagues and clients as though they are family. I am no fan of waste in the context of delivering value to our clients. I don’t believe in ego and do believe we are stronger when we deliver as a team and have fun along the way. I believe doing the right thing shows conviction in helping colleagues and clients even if at times it requires us to have to tread a harder path.        

What does our Brand Purpose ‘Make it Matter’ mean to you?

I believe that when a client has entrusted me to assist them with navigating the complexities associated with business or organisational change, I want to make sure that my contribution matters in support of clients arriving at their desired future state.        

What’s been one of your career project or client highlights?

A career highlight was delivering a paper setting out how a global institutional bank could reengineer incumbent new business on-boarding processes to reduce the time taken to achieve successful on-boarding transactions. The analysis scope was broad and complex as it had to take account of; regulatory, financial and tax accounting treatment, and asset custody considerations. With the paper approved (CEO level), I was asked to implement the operational processes, technologies and build a business unit and run the operation. Under the new operations the bank was able to decrease the time and cost to onboard the quantum of complex financial and tax records for all new business customers with transaction values in excess of $AUD350 billion. The experience challenged me to exercise many key areas of the business analysis and project and operations management disciplines. It was super satisfying to see my paper materialise into a high performing operation for the bank.                        

With a Summer of long weekends still ahead of us, where in Tassie is next on your travel bucket list?

I am super keen to do go back to the Walls of Jerusalem this time with my kids who are now of an age to enjoy (hopefully) this amazing natural wonder of our state’s wilderness. Perhaps then we'll do the Three Capes walk after that.    

What was the last restaurant you went to and what dish would you recommend?

The last notable restaurant I went to was Urban Greek in Hobart. We ordered the Hippocrates banquet and the dishes just seemed to keep coming! I recommend trying the Cretan style lamb and chicken with the lemon roast potatoes, simple but sublime flavours! We inevitably passed on dessert but I could easily be convinced to go back for that without any arm twisting!  

Why did I want to take up this opportunity and what is my own success measure?!

I wanted the opportunity to support and lead our talented analysts on a day-to-day basis in a more meaningful way. Our business analyst’s skills and experience are essential to contributing substantive ‘analysis backed’ inputs to the decisions our clients must make as they navigate their organisational change endeavours. A key measure of success for me is when a client affirms a desire for engagement extension or commitment to future or expanded services, these are clear indicators that we have made it matter, have built trust and respect and developed a substance based relationship.                

Thank you Dion - we can't wait to see how you continue to lift our customer experience with your team!

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