Say hello to...Clinton

This week we're introducing the third of our newly appointed Lead Consultants as part of our major organisational change to our ways of working.

This week we're saying hello to our new Lead Consultant - Data Management, Clinton Abraham and Clinton talks about what it's like to wear multiple hats and what it is about the world of data that keeps him hungry for more!

I wear these hats at The Project Lab:

I’ve got a few hats I'm wearing for clients at the moment. I’m leading a data migration for a large ERP implementation, helping a client make some improvements in their records management system and also working towards automating some processes. The rest of the time I’m checking in with team members and assisting internally to line up the perfect next opportunity for them and the client.

What does a week in the life of Clinton at The Project Lab look like?

Lots of online meetings these days! Most of my week is working with clients to tackle problems with data solutions. The beauty of online meetings means I am lucky enough to spend some of my week working from home. Rarely is there a week where I don’t meet someone new and I'm always keen for catch-up or data chat with one of The Project Lab team about new people or opportunities.         

Why The Project Lab?

The Project Lab is a great bunch of people doing really good things. The values they strive are in alignment with my own and The Project Lab places a commitment to living those values higher than many others. Being exposed to such incredible minds inspires me to be the best I can, make change and live the values organically. 

What does our brand purpose ‘Make it Matter’ mean to you?

It naturally has a real data focus for me! I’m passionate about helping organisations uncover new things about what they do or can do with their data. I love to see organisations understanding the value in data and leveraging that value to make it matter by becoming a strategic asset and driver for growth.

What’s been one of your career project or client highlights?

Having spent time in local government, I find it especially rewarding when you can see a project benefit realised by the local community we are part of. I’ve played parts in many improvement projects to reduce wasted time and effort and was really happy to be able to achieve a $500,000 annual saving for an organisation that was then able to direct that back into local community projects.                       

With a Summer of long weekends still ahead of us, where in Tassie is next on your travel bucket list?

I have so much to explore in the North West of Tasmania, so many incredible landscapes and untouched parts of the world. A long time bucket list item for me is to get in the centre of all that and raft down the Franklin River camping along the way.

What do you love most about life on the island?

I moved to Hobart to try and replicate the island life I loved from Vancouver Island in Canada. I love the climate, being by the sea, surrounded by national parks, the amazing produce, the fresh air and great people. It really is paradise for the nature, fishing and food enthusiast!

Why did I want to take up this opportunity and what is my own success measure?!

An opportunity to work with some really talented people in a role enabling them to grow is pretty hard to pass up! I look forward to building a community for data professionals in Tasmania. Growth is a success measure for me and if I can enable our team to continually learn and overcome new challenges this is great for us and our clients.              

Thank you Clinton!

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