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We’re all here at The Project Lab to work on meaningful projects that make a real difference in the lives of Tasmanians. To Make it Matter.

At the end of 2021 we launched our new Organisational Structure which is a refresh of how we work as an organisation. In 2022 we get started on making the change matter! 

We're building a high-performing team that supports each other to deliver a seamless customer experience for our clients. Our Lead Consultants have been selected to increase collaboration among team members and facilitate more efficient communication leading to quicker results for each other and our clients.

A core purpose of the Lead Consultants will be to help make life easier.

For our teams, for our clients.

As they settle into their new roles, they will be creating better ‘ways of working’ and become advocates for their teams as we all strive to deliver exceptional customer experience. 

Over the next few weeks we will be introducing our Lead Consultants.

First up we have our new Lead Consultant for Project & Change Management, Annmarie Mabarrack.

I sat down with Annmarie to get to know her better.

I wear these hats at The Project Lab:

Currently working as Program Manager/Change Manager out with SRT Logistics and now stepping into the Lead Consultant – Project & Change Management for TPL as well.

A week in the life might involve ...

Working with a range of different stakeholders from within the business and external vendors, through face-to-face meetings, on-line meetings, workshops etc. Exploring systems, process, listening to people’s pain points, applying mitigation measures to risks and issues, monitoring and updating project schedules, registers, and budgets.  Herding cats really 😊

Why the Project Lab?

The TPL values resonated with me and the passion that everyone has for what they do is refreshing.  The opportunity to be a part of a growing business that lives its values with a creative and visionary leadership team is exciting.

What does our Brand Purpose ‘Make it Matter’ mean to you?

To go above and beyond, think differently and challenge the “Why”.
I think that it speaks to striving to really understanding the problem, and once you do then opportunities will transpire that support innovative and creative solutions for our customers.

What’s been one of your career project or client highlights?

I’ve been involved in lots of different projects but the one experience that I will always appreciate was being the project manager and technical lead on the South Australian Feral Camel Project.  This project took me up into a small plane flying transacts at 80m above the ground across the central Australian deserts mapping camel distribution. Through this project I have seen and experienced parts of Australia that not many people get to see – amazing country and yes lots of Camels!  
Favourite place you've holidayed in Tasmania?'
Having only been living in Tassie for just under a year, there’s a lot of places on my bucket list, but I did recently go on a 10-day road trip and found Cosy Corner on the East Coast and camped there a few nights, it was beautiful, can’t wait to see more of this amazing island.

What do you love most about life on the island?

There’s a lot to love about Tassie, but for me I’ve found the people in general are super friendly, then there’s the great food (have I mentioned pink-eye potatoes…yum) and lots of wineries/distilleries to explore and so much nature to get into and connect with.

Why did I want to take up this opportunity and what is my own success measure?!

I’m a real people person, I enjoy working with a team and kicking goals together.  I’m looking forward to getting to know more of the The Project Lab team and helping support individuals and the broader TPL team in achieving their goals. Happiness is a success measure for me and if I can support others on this journey at work to, then this is for me would equal success.  

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