Internships to empower and inspire

Here at The Project Lab we're fiercely committed to people and empowering them to deliver their best work, whether they are Project Lab people or anyone wanting to level up and be better. We're kicking off 2021 by going deeper on this mission with the launch of our fresh Internship Program.

Each intake runs over 12 weeks, with successful applicants taking part in a structured program designed to provide first hand experience on how management consulting and project delivery is undertaken across SMBs, government and corporates here in our home state. While learning from our expert team of more than 80+, our Project Lab Interns will be exposed to the development of project deliverables, working with people, leadership, adaptability and much more.

This is our commitment to Tasmania and to play our part in tightening the gap between formal education and a workforce ready future generation.

A special shout out to Ziyi (Gabby) Zhang, who is our first successful applicant for our Internship Program. Welcome Gabby! Interviews continue for the final candidates of our first intern intake for 2021.

If you are in your final years of study, or eager to switch careers, then get in touch with us here.

This could be the change you have been looking for!

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The Story of The Project Lab

We are 10!

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The Story of The Project Lab

We are 10!