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The Project Lab are delivering the Department of State Growth’s Enterprise Centre Tasmania (ECT) Program for Northern Tasmania until 30 September 2023.

We would like to share how we are delivering the program, understand more about the needs in your region and the key stakeholders that we need to engage throughout the process.

What is the ECT Program?

The ECT Program provides free business advice for businesses with less than 20 employees. The Project Lab are delivering the program across the north of Tasmania, including Launceston, Meander Valley, West Tamar, George Town, Dorset, Northern Midlands,and Flinders Island.

Want to be part of the ECT Program?


Understand what you need

by diving deep into you and your business

Find the right help

from across our team of 50+ specialist consultants or other external programs

Take action

to address specific problems

Provide ongoing mentoring and coaching

to support you on your journey

Who is it for and what do they get?

New businesses

If you are a new business (start-ups or trading <12 months) with less than 20 employees, we can provide you with up to two hours of FREE business advice and support.

Existing businesses

If you are an existing small business with less than 20 employees, we can provide you with up to five hours of FREE business advice and support.

How are The Project Lab delivering the program?

The ECT program will be delivered by the following advisors from The Project Lab:

Ben Jones

Ben has over 10 years experience growing and improving SMEs, tertiary institutions and ASX-listed companies using a unique mixture of business, financial and technology skills to unlock potential.

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David Kewley

David is a SME public practice accountant with close to 15 years of experience in the accounting/advisory industry.

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As part of the program, our advisors are supported by The Project Lab’s team of 50+ specialist consultants to help us identify and solve specific challenges.

Prefer an in-person meeting at your location of choice? Please contact the office at hello@theprojectlab.com or phone us on 1300 293 763 to organise a time.

What can we help with?

Under the ECT Program, The Project Lab can assist small businesses that need help with:
Innovation/validating an idea
Developing a product
Creating a Business Plan
Creating a Budget or Financial Model
Creating a marketing strategy
Defining the potential market for your business
Understanding the competitive landscape
Getting better returns from advertising
Improving social media/online presence
Improving business processes
Improving quality management
Responding to grants and tenders
Mentoring/coaching for management skills
Making better business decisions
Understanding business financials
Improving profitability (volume and/or margin)
Improving how digital technology is used
Improving business intelligence and reporting
Protecting the business from cyber risks
Getting and/or keeping new employees
Valuing and/or selling the business

Want to be part of the ECT Program?

Register via the button below, or by calling us on 1300 293 763 and letting the team member who answers know that you are interested in making a booking to participate in the ECT Program.