When Time is Tight

Case Study

  • Industry — Energy and Utilties
  • Expertise — Project Management
  • Timeline — 3 months
  • Value Delivered — $340,000

We started by evaluating the time left to work with; after an extensive tender and business case process, only two of the four allocated months were left to get the new service live. The time was very tight but that's where our extensive knowledge of implementation strategy and how to work in a tight time frame pay off for our clients!

Start by looking for efficiencies

Time was of the essence in every way, so we began by looking for ways to build simultaneous work streams into the project, which would allow us to use the remaining time as efficiently as possible.

We sought out creative solutions: Running system configuration and end-user training in the same workshop allowed us to tick off two critical functions at once. It also ensured we were making super effective use of the staff's time and also made sure the key users were able to provide their input right into the system. The staff felt more involved coming in at this early stage as well, improving buy-in and fast uptake to the new software.

When in doubt, governance it out!

To ensure nothing slipped through the net, we also provided a very tight regime for project governance and tracked the project delivery every day. We triaged any issues or delays immediately, identifying the problems quickly and making sure remedies were swiftly applied with the input of all involved.

We managed to pass all of the test cases after the second cycle of user acceptance testing, a real win for the whole team and validation that the work was moving fast, but that a quality output was still the number one goal.

We achieved this by making sure this intensive project period had heightened support which meant any defects or issues were quickly identified, coded, tested then closed.

The benefits of this intensive work was that the business’s critical goals were met:

  • Compliance returned to zero risk
  • Accurate financial reporting continued uninterrupted

Three months down the track and the proof is in the pudding; the system continues to perform well and without issue, the organisation has been able to quickly come up to speed with the new software and perform all end-of-year financial statements without delay or stress. A great outcome right across the board!

  1. Manage your quality with stage gate control

    Even when moving with speed, use governance to ensure quality remains in tact. This means deliberately separating the design, build, test and deployment phases. Strict quality criteria need to be developed to enable to movement from one stage to the next. Overall, this provides the necessary quality check points throughout the project.